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Brand: Anju Fabrics Model: Anju-Fabrics-Mayuri-Vol-4--Readymade-Dress-Catalog
Anju Fabrics is a distributer situated in Indore well known for selling fabulous women's clothing at a reasonable cost. These  Wholesale Kurtis a..
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹7,350
Brand: Rangoon Model: Rangoon-Gunjan-Anarkali-Suits-Catalog
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹5,596
Brand: Shreen Model: Shreen-Resham-Vol-5-Ladies-Tops-Catalog
MOQ: 7
Ex Tax:₹2,625
Brand: Mittoo Kurti Model: Mittoo-Simaya-Vol-2-Readymade-Dress-Catalog
At the point when the issue is about the decision, we Indians are truly gifted for our ethnic wears are in such assorted results including everybody'..
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹5,970
Brand: Aashirwad Model: Aashirwad-Aakruti-Designer-Wedding-Party-Salwar-Suits-Catalog
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹11,196
Brand: Zaveri Model: Zaveri-Aakriti-Embroidery-Salwar-Kameez-Catalog
MOQ: 2
Ex Tax:₹3,598
Brand: Mcm Lifestyle Model: Mcm-Lifestyle-Vol-9-Readymade-Dress-Catalog
Welcome to the world of MCM Lifestyle Kurtis, where fashion meets comfort in the most delightful way. Our exclusive range of kurtis is designed to cat..
MOQ: 12
Ex Tax:₹6,480
Brand: Aashirwad Model: Aashirvad-Creation-Nazrana-Readymade-Dress-Catalog
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹10,380
Brand: Lady Leela Model: Lady-Leela-Rubina-2-Printed-Salwar-Kameez-Catalog
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹7,770
Brand: Rangoon Model: Rangoon-Sehzadi-Anarkali-Suits-Catalog
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹5,196
Brand: Anju Fabrics Model: Anju-Fabrics-Gazal-Vol-4-Embroidery-Salwar-Kameez-Catalog
Anju Fabrics is a distributer situated in Indore well known for selling fabulous women's clothing at a reasonable cost. These  Wholesale Kurtis a..
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹8,094
Brand: Karissa Model: Karissa-Zoya-Vol-2-One-Piece-Dress-Catalog
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹3,180
Brand: Rangoon Model: Rangoon--Barkha-Readymade-Dress-Catalog
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹3,996
Brand: Kadlee Model: Kaadlee-Kalindi-Readymade-Dress-Catalog
Kurtis is undoubtedly fashionable right now since they may be worn without reservation to any event. The classic appearance of the Kurti combined with..
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹4,380
Brand: Gaabaa Model: Gaabaa--01-Co-Ord-Set-Size-Set-Catalog
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹2,180
Brand: Anju Fabrics Model: Anju-Fabrics-Once-More-Vol-4-Salwar-Kameez-Catalog
Anju Fabrics is a distributer situated in Indore well known for selling fabulous women's clothing at a reasonable cost. These  Wholesale Kurtis a..
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹7,140
Brand: Passion Tree Model: Passion-Tree--Ethnic-Touch-Vol-2-Printed-Salwar-Kameez-Catalog
MOQ: 7
Ex Tax:₹4,865
Brand: Sayuri Designer Model: Sayuri-Designer-Kesar-NxParty-Wear-Kurti-Dupata-Catalog
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹9,996
Brand: Mittoo Kurti Model: Mittoo-Nihar-Printed-Salwar-Kameez-Catalog
At the point when the issue is about the decision, we Indians are truly gifted for our ethnic wears are in such assorted results including everybody'..
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹4,770
Brand: Tips-Tops Model: Tips-And-Tops-Fashion-Beats-Co-Ord-Set-Catalog
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹2,670
Brand: Karissa Model: Karissa-Shanaya-Readymade-Dress-Catalog
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹5,760
Brand: Wooglee Fashion Model: Wooglee-Salonee-Vol-6-Rayon-Kurti-Catalog
We can help you if you're looking for ideas for the best Kurti design. In this article. For young women, the market is flooded with designer western c..
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹2,760

What are people saying about us

Women have many options when it comes to clothing. Each outfit has its own specific features and elegance worn on different occasions. India is a country of traditions and festivals which need the same amount of outfits and attires to be worn. The choices and preferences of every woman differ from each other. You can easily get these attires at wholesale price at aarveecreation. 

Aarveecreation have a wide range of women’s clothing option for our customers to choose from. The products we have on our website are of premium quality and at the best price. You’ll find every trendy outfit with the latest designs here at aarveecreation. 

The traditional attires have beautiful and intricate embroidery making them stand out from every other clothing. According to the event and occasion, one can obtain the necessary accessories with these outfits to look charming and elegant. We have other ranges of traditional and western clothing too, you can have a look at our website. 


Indian women have an abundant clothing variety to choose from. The different styles and designs of these dresses give you a choice of wearing something different on every occasion. There are women who prefer sarees in every event, some choose salwar kameez, and some of them proffer all different kinds. With the variety in each category, they can easily flaunt their beauty. With the unique proposition of each attire, one can never fail to look stylish. 

  • Saree 

Sarees are every woman's first choice. Sarees are available in many patterns, designs, and fabrics making them perfect for every kind of woman planning to wear. With overwhelming options, one can choose a saree according to their preferences. The available sarees can easily be differentiated according to festivals and occasions. 

  • Bridal sarees 

Brides want to stand out the most on their wedding day. Sarees embellished with embroideries, stones and diamond work, motifs, and intricate prints and designs give the saree a more appealing look. Designs and broad laces are also the most attractive part of these sarees. 

  • Silk sarees

At aarveecreation, you’ll find great options and variety in silk sarees. Silk sarees have a sheen and shiny appearance, which makes you look dreamy. This fabric silk is extracted from the cocoons of silkworms which is a natural fiber, making this more enchanting. One of the most popular sarees of all time in our country is silk, because of the dreamy and traditional look it brings with it. 

  • Designer sarees

The sarees made one of a kind are these designer sarees. Which are unique and stylish in their own way. These sarees come in intricate designs and patterns with detailed embroidery at borders. Designer sarees come in trendy colors and demanding patterns. 

  • Printed sarees

For every woman who prefers simple yet elegant attire, these printed sarees are for them. These printed sarees have very attractive designs on them, and colorful prints. The prints include geometrical prints, traditional leaves and florals. Some women also prefer motifs on these sarees. You Can Shop Wholesale Sarees Online Cash On Delivery.

  • Salwar kameez 

After sarees, the most preferred outfit is Salwar Kameez. This Ladies Suits Wholesale is a three-piece outfit consisting of a salwar of ankle length, a kameez of preferred length and pattern, and the last dupatta. This attire is suitable for every event and can be customized accordingly. You’ll find many kinds of Designer suits for womens Wholesale on our website to choose from. 

  • Anarkali salwar kameez

Anarkalis have been in trend since the Mughal era.Designer Anarkali suits Wholesale are the most loved salwar kameez of this era. The outfit of fit churidar with flowy kameez that is fit til waist and flared till the bottom when paired with dupatta brings a breathtaking appearance to you. 

  • Cotton salwar kameez

Every housewife needs a comfortable and breathable outfit for their day-to-day work. The most demanding and beautiful option they have is the Wholesale cotton Suits. They can be worn in any climate and anywhere. The cotton fabric absorbs moisture and the availability of vibrant colors makes it perfect for every woman. 

  • Printed salwar suit  

Cotton Printed Suit Wholesale Come in Some beautiful prints and designs over colorful printed salwar suits make it one of the most beautiful attire. Prints like florals, leaves, paisley, checks, and lines along with motifs are perfect during summers. 

  • Pakistani salwar suit 

Originated in Pakistan, Wholesale pakistani suits are the first choice of clothing for every woman who is looking for comfort. The most comfortable outfit included a loose-fit salwar, with a kameez up to knees or above knees with a dupatta. 

  • Lehenga choli

Be it weddings or parties, women always prefer lehengas as their first choice. These lehengas can be worn in many different styles and drapes. When you are in search of lehengas then all you need to do is visit our website and add to your cart all your desired ones. Lehengas come in many designs and patterns to be worn according to the occasion or event. 

  • Bridal lehenga choli

A lehenga with heavy embellishment and patterns in vibrant color makes the lehenga a perfect choice for birds. Exclusive designs make the lehenga breathtaking and perfect for her wedding day. 

  • Designer lehenga choli 

An embroidered lehenga choli, with a skirt full of embellishment and a choli with a trendy neckline and sleeves, brings you an enchanted look. Here at aarveecreation, you’ll find many options and colors to choose from. 

  • Kurtis

For those who want salwar kameez comfort but want to look more trendy, they can easily opt for Kurti and pair it with preferred bottoms like pants, leggings, or salwar.Wholesale Kurtis comes in many patterns and designs giving you an option to choose from according to your body and preference. The length of Kurtis varies and comes in one’s desired length; it can be short, medium, long, flared, straight cut and many others. They are suitable for many occasions and festivals.We Have A wide Range of Kurits:

  • Gowns

If you are one of them who wants an outfit in one piece, then the trendy and latest Wholesale Gowns of our collection is perfect for you. They are floor length and come with many different necklines and unique sleeves. The designer outfit comes in many fabrics like georgette, satin, and net. They come in detailed embroidery and breathtaking embellishments. 

  • Western tops

You’ll find many western outfits on our website. Ladies Tops Wholesale and party wear tops with beautiful sleeves and pattrens are the best picks for you. Our ladies' tops come in fabrics like georgette, chiffon, cotton, rayon, and many making them perfect for any climate. 

Surat Online Shopping Cash On Delivery

Aarveecreation brings you the comfort of cash on delivery. you can easily pay when you receive your order to you. Retailers who want sarees, salwar suits, gowns, and Kurtis at a wholesale price of premium quality can easily place their order at our website and pay when they receive it.

Shipping World Wide

We ship our product all over the world except few countries you can find the Aarveecreation shipping countries list on our website, where we provide express delivery

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